Quality Handmade Wigs Specially Crafted for your inner “Bad Bitch”!

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with Handcrafted Wigs. With EAF beauty you are not just purchasing a wig, you are treating yourself to a self-pampering experience. Each wig is custom made with you in mind, each unit is uniquely fitted to the person wearing it. We dig into your essence of beauty to uncover your hidden sensuality and turn that into a wig. 

Eaf Beauty Wigs and hair extensions are made with love and careful attention to detail. We believe that believe our customers are royalty; as a result, every piece is fitted and custom colored for a queen. 

Our customer experience at Eaf Beauty 9 (TM) is what differentiates us from others. Thus, when you order a handmade wig from Eaf Beauty Wigs, you get more than just a wig. Every step of our process is engulfed in luxuriousness. From the moment you order your wig to when it is delivered, you get the royal treatment. 

First, place your order through our quiz by choosing lace, texture and number of bundles.  

Second, check email and schedule a video meeting with a wig designer. During this session you will pick the qualities that help us customize your wig specifically for you! 

Finally, you get to send in the color palette you want. Although we will give our expert advice, your wig will be your creation. We will make it just the way you want it.

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Experience

Each wig is beginner friendly, Here’s What You Get:

  • A beautifully branded backpack
  • A soft and luxurious branded bonnet
  • Needle and thread for easy and quick attachment
  • Lovely tweezer set

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