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Evoni Ayanna Seigler aka The Wig Coach, believes women can live in their femininity and sexuality while still providing the life they desire. As a certified life coach and motivational speaker, Evoni uses her platform to encourages wig lovers around the world to bath in positivity, growth and beauty. As the founder and CEO of Eafbeauty, LLC, she has gained entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership knowledge and strategic intelligence that transforms people and organizations to create powerful results and profitable online wig businesses.


I’m focused on inspiring and empowering those around me and my brand.

Helping our supporters is at the core of Eafbeauty beliefsEafbeauty reflects our CEO Evoni Seigler, one of the main goals is to help our supporters around the world create their own source of income while creating a life they desire. With your support as a brand ambassador, we can assist in creating new opportunities that support women worldwide. 

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My name is Carole, newly seasoned single mother of 4 beautiful daughters ranging from 15-23. I literally stumbled into this group Wiglicious as I was walking home from the store with my daughter Naomi who is also a part of the community. If you tune in live, we are known as Mom and Nom, because of the age gap between my daughter and I, I didn’t feel as if I would fit in, but the ladies embraced me into this diverse sisterhood! Thank you Evoni “Wig Coach” Seigler for creating this spave for woman of all walks of life to tune in! Its’s like having those “beauty shop” conversations in the comfort of your home! I look forward to the growth and connection to all who become apart of Wiglicious
This is a community of women from all walks of life that come together in support of each other’s journey. I’ve met wonderful women on zoom meetups where we empowered one another with personal experiences and uplifted each other with positive messages about those experiences. We’ve also shared what chapter of our lives we are in and encouraged each other to keep pushing our limits. This actually happens everyday because we also have a private group on Facebook messenger where we talk daily. My favorite meet up was where we shared our top 10 songs of all times because it really showcased so much about each of us. We danced and sang and talked about why we chose those songs. I honestly wish these one hour meetups would last longer. We always have amazing conversations and such a great time. Eafbeauty doesn’t just offer a community for women entrepreneurs or women in general, it also provides a sisterhood. I look forward to the time where my sisters and I can finally meet up in person. Thank you Evoni for bringing us all together. You’re an inspiration for many.
Sharleen Deary
I am the CEO of A Passionate Taste with Honi, mother of 5, chef extraordinaire, and fashionista. I found “Wiglicious”, looking for other ladies like myself. I found Eafbeauty Wiglicious queen b “Evoni “the wig coach “ Seigler, I found ladies from all different backgrounds and age groups, I found love and support from women all over the world. I found out that there’s a whole community of Wiglicious women, who love our “Beauty Shop” conversations and community as much as I do.
Harriet Griffin
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