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My name is Naomi. I am college student who for whatever reason could not get motivated and also felt alone. But ever since I was introduced to the group Wiglicious, I am encouraged daily by the women in that space to push myself to get the things I desire in life. Being in this group has made me feel surrounded by love and appreciation. I value the friendships that I have made. Thank you so much @Evoni Seigler aka The Wig Coach for making this space!
Naomi Adris
I am the CEO of A Passionate Taste with Honi, mother of 5, chef extraordinaire, and fashionista. I found “Wiglicious”, looking for other ladies like myself. I found Eafbeauty Wiglicious queen b “Evoni “the wig coach “ Seigler, I found ladies from all different backgrounds and age groups, I found love and support from women all over the world. I found out that there’s a whole community of Wiglicious women, who love our “Beauty Shop” conversations and community as much as I do.
Harriet Griffin

Meet Our Founder

Evoni Ayanna Seigler aka The Wig Coach, believes women can live in their femininity and sexuality while still providing the life they desire. As a certified life coach and motivational speaker, Evoni uses her platform to encourages wig lovers around the world to bath in positivity, growth and beauty. As the founder and CEO of Eafbeauty, LLC, she has gained entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership knowledge and strategic intelligence that transforms people and organizations to create powerful results and profitable online wig businesses.

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