Finding your target audience

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The wig coach is constantly being asked from hair stylists and other hair bosses what should they be posting to attract clients and increase sales. Because just posting showing off their work isn’t getting them the right traffic and or attention they want to receive. Well, I’m here today to share some tips on how you can find your targeted audience.

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 1. Finding your tribe

How to find a targeted audience in your business? The answer is simple, but it’s not easy. It takes hard work and dedication. You need to know what the specific needs of the audience are so you can provide them with a valuable product or service that they will want to buy from you. This blog post will take some time to give you tips on how this can be done for your own business.

2. Create your ideal customer 

By creating your ideal customer, you will help everyone who relates to that person. They will find your brand beneficial and will become a part of your tribe easily. Creating your ideal client brings in the audience that you want. But how do you create your ideal customer? Here are some tips to create your ideal client.

1. Give your audience/clients so much value that they can’t help but want to purchase from you. 

2. Tips, education, resources, facts, inspiration, motivation, hacks, tutorials….  

3. GIVE, without the hope of anything in return, and you’ll be amazed at what you discover. 

And you can read exactly how these tips help you create your ideal client by checking out Monday’s blog: Your ideal client and be sure to let me know if these tips helped your business.

Side note: We are currently revamping the wiglicious show and as soon as the Eaf beauty team has everything figured out, the wig coach will release show dates. But in the meantime, you can still submit topics or ask for advice for our lace fronts and blunts segment for future shows to come. I also want to remind you that everything is submitted anonymously.

3.Talk to your ideal customer, engage! 

The problem with most companies is they are hesitant to talk to their customers. The more you learn about your customers, the better off you’ll be in the long run.There are many benefits of talking with your customers. Benefits that include:

1. Getting feedback on products.
2. Finding out what people like or don’t like about them.
3. Building relationships which lead to future sales opportunities.

The wig coach loves engaging with her audience, and making them part of her lives and shows. She wants you to be able to engage with your audience and make every one of them feel appreciated. And once you meet your ideal client don’t freak out. You will know what to say because you know WHO you are talking too. I believe in you and your business. Start finding your target audience today!