When posting your hair on Pinterest be sure to follow these tips

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So you’re thinking about starting up or expanding your hair business? Pinterest is an excellent platform for promoting and educating potential clients. Learn how this social media site can be used as part of the overall marketing strategy with these helpful tips!
This blog post reviews some great ways that entrepreneurs in our industry use Pinterest to market their products/services, while at the same time providing valuable knowledge through tutorials on different hairstyles & wig tips.

1. Post vertical content

Pinterest is a powerful platform for promoting your business and getting it seen by new customers. But there are several things you should know before you start pinning. One way to make your pins more successful is by posting vertical content instead of horizontal images. This blog will explain why it’s important for Pinterest users to post vertical content in addition with the benefits of doing so!

Pinterest is a place where people can upload their latest favorite things. The best pins are often those with high quality images, which leads us into our next point: Vertical pictures tend to outperform horizontal ones in terms of engagement rates. This is because at eye level they will be seen better by viewers and lead them towards your content more easily than something laid out horizontally. Since it takes up less space on-screen overall when scrolling through pages or feeds full speed without stopping to gaze down every so often as one would if viewing an image sideways rather vertically instead.

If you post horizontal images, all the information in your picture will be cut off on some screens like smartphones. Vertical content ensures that they can see everything even if scrolling down or having smaller monitors like tablets!

2. Link your website/landing page 

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to share and “pin” images, videos, articles and website links. When someone pins something from your site or landing page it will show up in their followers’ feeds. Linking your website or landing page to Pinterest can help increase traffic because more people who use the platform will be able to find you and see your content.

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3. Post about 5x a day 

With the number of users on Pinterest continuously growing, it is more important than ever to learn how you can take advantage of this social media platform for your business. In order to be successful on Pinterest, you need to post 5 times a day and make sure that each pin includes relevant keywords. The more pins you post about your product or service, the higher chance that people will find them and repin them throughout their networks. This results in brand recognition and exposure for your company which leads to increased traffic and revenue potentials.

4.  Niche down 

When you start your business, it’s tempting to try to do everything. But if you’ve been in the hair industry for a while or are new and don’t know where to start, niche down! There is no need to be all things for all people when there are plenty of other companies doing that same thing. Niche down and focus on your strengths so you can really shine and stand out from the crowd!

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The key to making your Pinterest marketing work is by following these tips. Niche down, post vertical content, link your website/ landing page to Pinterest and post five times a day. If you follow these steps, you will have an engaging audience in no time!