Avoid these 5 things when starting a hair business.

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If you’re thinking about starting a hair business, this blog post is for you! I’m going to tell you what not to do.  I’ve compiled five things that are surefire ways to fail in the wig world.  If these are avoided, success can be achieved! 

1.  Not doing research 

So you’re thinking about starting a wig business? Not doing research is not a good idea. Research will help you start the right way with the right supplies, which in turn will make your business more successful. You can’t be that person who buys things they don’t need or doesn’t know how to use! I want to help you avoid this situation by providing some insight into what’s involved in researching an industry before diving in head first. 

2. Don’t put in the work

Remember nothing comes from nothing, so if you want something do something. You have a business idea, you’re excited to start it. But before you can even get started, there’s a million things that need to be done and the thought of doing them all is overwhelming. So what do you do? Put in the work! Exactly, the more time and effort put into your new hair enterprise, the better off your business will be.

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Eaf beauty also offers a safe place where you can ask for advice anonymously if needed. Here at Eaf Beauty, we rise together, we are a family and we are here for you. Click here and submit any questions, ask for advice, or let us know a topic that you would like us to talk about during our lace fronts and blunts segment on the wiglicious show where we might also help someone who may be going through what you are going through.

3. Not understanding your audience 

For many people, the thought of owning their own hair business would be a dream come true. The truth is that it requires dedication and hard work to succeed in this business. Take the first step and start understanding your audience. Without knowing who you are targeting, how can you know what they need from a business like yours? Every girl who wants bundles and wigs is not your audience.

4. Not asking for help 

Future wig entrepreneur, what’s your name? Have you been struggling to find an audience for your wigs. Well, we’re here to help you figure out who it is! It could be a celeb with a secret wig addiction or someone who just can’t stand their hairline and needs some extra length. There are so many possibilities when it comes to the kind of people that might want one of your wigs. The wig coach is here to help.

5.Wrong business model

Starting a business can be difficult, and there are many pitfalls that could cause your company to fail. One mistake entrepreneurs often make when starting their own endeavor is choosing the wrong model for themselves. I’m here today with some advice on how not to! Ask yourself this: does my chosen business reflect who I want as clients? If they don’t match up then maybe it’s time to think about rebranding.

Rebranding can help you out in more ways than one. Picking the right person who knows what they are doing to help you is extremely important. And let me tell you that the wig coach knows her shit and that is why she is offering the bundles to bills mini workshop to help other women rise up and become the best hair entrepreneur they can be.

 So, you want to start your own hair business? Don’t do these 5 things. You need research, understanding of the market and audience, dedication to put in work for it, and ask for help when needed! And don’t forget about a solid business plan that includes all the necessary components: target customer segments; marketing strategy; product development process; pricing model or structure. If you can avoid these pitfalls then we congratulate you on starting an amazing new venture with great potential for success. What mistakes have you made as a small business owner? Share them below so others can learn from your experience too!