4 ways to overcome fear and start a hair business

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Sometimes, it’s hard to take that first step. You’re worried about the risks and how it might affect your life. I know this because I’ve been there before too! It can be tough to decide what path is best for you, but don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams. With a little bit of work and patience, starting your own hair business could be easier than you think. With the wig coach by your side, all your hair dreams will come true.

1. Take small steps when tackling a new fear or task.

I remember when I first started out in the wig business. It was a career that I had always admired, but never thought I would pursue. For people who are looking to start their own small business or tackle any other new fear or task to take things slow at first, it’s so important. Don’t try and do everything at once because you’ll only end up feeling overwhelmed. Take baby steps instead of trying to run before you can walk!

2. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

You are not the only one who has gone through a tough time, but you are the only one who can take action. The best way to do that is by recognizing what you’re good at and building on it. I know that there are a lot of things you want to improve on and get better at, but focusing on your strengths is the best way to start. What I’ve learned over the years is it’s not about fixing all your flaws or trying to do everything well at once. Focus on your strengths and find ways to leverage them so you can better work around your weaknesses.

3. Practice makes perfect, keep at it!

What’s the best way to make a wig? Practice. Lots and lots of practice. How much time do you spend practicing your craft? Maybe it’s not as much as you should. As a wig entrepreneur, I know how important practice is for creating the perfect wigs. It takes patience and dedication to make sure that each hair follicle is placed in the right spot, but without this dedication, my business wouldn’t be where it is today! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start practicing!
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4. Find a mentor who can teach you the ropes of the industry.

Wig entrepreneurs will always face challenges in an industry that is constantly changing. One of the most important things you need to do is find a mentor who can teach you the ropes and help guide your business to success. I can be that mentor for you. Im offering a mini workshop on how I created a profitable hair business and how you can too. Click the register now button below and begin your hair journey. The class is $37 and you will learn everything you need to know about having a profitable hair business.

It’s not enough to just know how to make wigs. There are so many other aspects of this business that need attention. It’s impossible for one person alone to be knowledgeable about everything that goes into running a successful wig company. That’s why it pays off big time when you’re able to find someone who knows their stuff and can be your go-to source for anything related to wig making or managing a wig company. And like I said before the wig coach is here to make all your hair dreams come true so be sure to sign up for the bundles to bills mini workshop today.


In conclusion, it may seem impossible to think about doing something new when you’re paralyzed with fear. The key is taking small steps in the right direction and focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Practice makes perfect so keep at it! By signing up for my bundles to bills mini workshop I can be the mentor you need. I can teach you all of the ropes and help alleviate some fears while providing advice along the way. Finally, remember that overcoming fear starts from within yourself. Each day take one step closer to what scares you most until eventually nothing does anymore.