How to apply a lace wig.

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Ever wondered how to make a beautiful wig? You’re in luck! In this post I will walk you through all the steps of applying a beautiful and realistic looking wig. From finding purchasing hair, to cutting the lace and styling it. You’ll be on your way to feeling like a new woman with just some time and dedication. Get ready for this step-by-step guide!

1. Purchase a lace front wig

Hey ladies, I’ve been wearing wigs for years and have learned a thing or two about keeping them looking fresh. For a natural looking hairline, one of the most important things is to purchase one that has lace rather it is a frontal or closure. It’s much easier to showcase a natural hairline. Plus you can wear any hairstyle with these!

2. Cut the hair on the sides of your head to match the length of the wig.

“Time to get out your scissors. The lace on the side of your head and the front of your wig is about to get cut.”

Additionally, wigs are a great way to try different hairstyles, but did you know that cutting the side lace can help with the fitting of the lace on a lace front wig. Helping to keep the wig securely on your head.”

3. Apply adhesive to an area on your head where you want to apply lace front and then place it onto that section.

It’s not easy being a wig wearer. Having to get your lace laid just right, and then you have to worry about the wig slipping off your head mid-day? What do you do when that happens? As a matter of fact, it’s time for some quick fixes so glue and tape can be applied! It may sound simple enough, but there are various methods of application depending on what type of lace is used.

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4. Having a glue-less unit

Owning a wig can be a breath of fresh air for some people, especially those who suffer from hair loss. Furthermore, wigs come in all shapes and sizes with different styles to suit your personality. You can even find wigs that are made of natural human hair or synthetic fibers. 

5. Wear with confidence!

In light of everything, don’t be afraid to try new styles! There are so many different types of wigs you can choose from that it’s hard not to find something that suits your personal style. Click here to get a custom wig unit made just for you. Second, always take care of your wig! It doesn’t matter what type of hair you are using; if the wig isn’t taken care of properly, it will quickly become matted and tangled which will make it difficult to wear without looking like a hot mess.

Finally, don’t give up on wearing wigs because you’re worried about people judging you harshly or thinking less or yourself because they think it’s “unnatural.”

6. Optional – purchase some styling products like wax, gel, pomade, etc., for additional texture/hold options

Laying your wig edges is something nobody will ever tell you about until they see the disastrous way it looks when not done. Not to mention, but a natural hairline on your head should not be cut all the way around, but rather trimmed to make a gradual transition from skin to hair. This will create an illusion of thicker hair or even two different textures in one wig or extension. Here are some quick tips for laying your wig edges:

-When cutting off excess lace, make care not to cut any more than what is needed so you do not compromise the integrity of the rest of your wig.

-Use a comb and scissors with curved blades in order to get into tight spaces where scissors can’t reach without damaging your lace.


 If you’ve ever had the opportunity to wear a lace wig, then you know that it can be an intimidating process. It seems like there are plenty of steps involved and not all of them make sense at first glance. We have some helpful tips for applying your lace wig in order to get the most out of this beauty product! Let’s take a look together, shall we? Did these pointers help with understanding how to apply your lace front wig? Comment below if they did or didn’t work for you.