The Complete Guide To Fixing Your Wig

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It’s a sad day when your wig falls apart. It can be difficult to find the right words for this situation, so here are some helpful tips on what you should do next time it happens. You may need to go get a new one or just get a little creative with repairs. Either way, remember that there is no need to panic!

1. Have a wig emergency kit ready to go.

A wig emergency kit is a must-have for every wig wearer. I get it, you have the perfect hair and don’t know how to maintain it. So when something goes wrong you have no idea what to do. There is nothing worse than having no back up plan! Which is why I’m sharing my secret formula for fashionably surviving a wig disaster – just in time for Halloween!

My top 5 tips are:

1) Keep extra wigs handy

2) Always have adhesive

3) A silk scarf

4) Hair pins

5) Dry shampoo

2. Use Bobby pins to secure the pieces of your wig back together.

Have a favorite wig but it keeps falling off? If so, Bobby Pins can temporary help. Bobby pins are those little metal things that hold your hair in place, and they work great with wigs as well.

Plus, they’re super cheap! All you need to do is find the pieces of your wig that loose and pin it to your natural hair.

(It doesn’t matter how many times this happens because now you know what to do!)

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(goes under picture) Wig wearers often feel embarrassed about wearing a wig or worry that others will notice their head isn’t real

Using Bobby Pins can save the day when a wig won’t stay on

Join a community of wig wearers. Buy some Bobby pins from the store.

3. Get creative with your style and wear your hair in different ways until you can get it fixed professionally.

What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll look different for a few days. You might even be pleasantly surprised with your new-found style.

How about you try out some of these fun styles to take your look from blah to boogie town!

4. Go on YouTube for some quick tutorials on how to fix the problem yourself.

Ever had that problem where you put your wig on and the hair is out of place? Well, there are a few things you can do to fix it. First, go on YouTube for some quick tutorials on how to fix the problem yourself. You might be surprised about what you find! Second, take off the wig and re-adjust it so all of your hairs are in place before putting it back onto your head. With these two tricks up your sleeve, you will be just fine!

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5. Invest in high-quality wigs that are more expensive but last longer, so you don’t have this issue as often

It can be difficult to choose which wig is the best one for you. There are three factors that we recommend considering before making your decision: quality, style, and price.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options of wigs on the market today. There are so many different brands, styles, and colors that it can be tough to choose just one. If you are a wig wearer, chances are you have looked at all the wigs on Amazon and wished for more quality.

More often than not, the wigs that are cheaper will be of poorer quality. When it comes to your hair, why would you want to skimp out? Invest in high-quality wigs that last longer and look better.

6. Make sure you’re wearing a wig cap under any type of hairpiece or wig – this will help keep it from slipping off during the day.

The first thing you should know about wearing a wig is that the cap underneath your wig is really, really important. If you’re not using a wig cap to protect your natural hair from sweat and oils from the scalp while wearing a wig, then you will notice a difference once you start using the cap.