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Good morning my beautiful queens. I hope you have an amazing Friday today. Let’s start this beautiful morning off with some affirmations. I want you to go to a mirror and repeat these words.

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                                           Morning Affirmations

Now that we are awake and feeling great lets start our day with our head held high and filled with positive vibes. Today I would like to share a poem with you but before we get to that I would like to know what are some of your favorite affirmations?

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                                 Responding To The Body Shamers

                                      Who do you think you are?
               Wearing that tiny yellow bikini Showing off your stretch marks
                  Who do you think you are wearing those booty shorts?
                                          Cover your fat thighs
                     Who do you think you are wearing that crop top?
                                                COVER UP……….

                                            Who do I think I am?
                                             Honey im a mural
                                     I AM BIG AND I AM BEAUITIFUL
                        I am a one of a kind painting that you cannot destroy
                         You can try to break me but you will not succeed
                            I have something you can’t take away from me.
                                   I LOVE MY BODY THE WAY IT IS
                And if I want to wear booty shorts and a crop top I damn well please
                               So honey step back and watch me do me
                                              Watch me be free.
                                               By: Sierra Hurtado

We are all beautiful big, small, short, tall. All our bodies are unique and different but still beautiful. Don’t ever put your self down by comparing your self to someone else. You are already the most beautiful person on this planet. Be the bad bitch you were made to be, adjust your crown and be free with me. Be free of the negativity, let go of the bull shit and live your life to the fullest. And on that note I hope you have a fabulous weekend and have fun spending time with your families.