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Ever since we were kids society has told us that we should look a certain way. First thin was in, if you were skinny you were hot and then out of know where it switched up and thick was in. If you were big and curvy you were hot. Everyone has differences but everyone is beautiful. No matter what your body looks like, it is beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Let’s make being healthy trendy! Strive for healthy, don’t starve or stuff your self to feel beautiful. You are already beautiful and if someone does tell you different just readjust your crown and walk away. Your beauty shines too bright for them to comprehend.

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With that being said can we talk about mom bodies? After having kids we have added weight, our little mommy pouch, stretch marks, cesarean scars and saggy boobs. Some moms may have trouble excepting their postpartum bodies and wish it looked like it did before and fall into depression about it. Exercising is important to keep your body healthy and happy but I wouldn’t push it too much. Even if you want to get your body back take it easy and one step at a time. There is no need to add more stress right after having a baby. I can tell you from experience that I was someone who had struggled from body image issues after having my daughter. It was the weight that I gained for me. For one, I never lost the weight from my firstborn so when I got pregnant again more weight just added on. I struggle with my weight every now and then but it wasn’t until I met the wig coach that I started my self-love journey. I learn to love my body the way it is but I also learned to love it enough to take care of it and give it what it needs.

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I say embrace the mom bod. Embrace the saggy titties and stretch marks and all because moms are awesome. Moms are the closet thing to wonder women in my opinion. Like you just created life, that’s fucking amazing! You carried your baby for 9 months, Pregnacy is not easy. Your postpartum body is proof of the life you had created, be proud of it. 

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Question of the day: What is one part of your body you love? I once hated my shoulders, under arms ( my bingo wings lol), my thighs and my tummy but now I love my whole body. I do still struggle some days but I bounce right back up like the bad bitch I am.