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Hello my queens I hope you had a great labor day weekend. This week we are jumping right in and talking about vaginas. It is a topic that should be discussed more often. Vagina is not a bad word, there is no reason to be embarrassed talking about your lady bits. We all have one and most likely someone’s vagina might have been through or is going through the same situation as your vagina. So don’t be afraid to talk about and seek professional help if needed. Just like any other part of your body your vagina needs to be cared for properly. Here are a few tips to keep your vagina healthy and happy. 

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1. Practice safe sex
2. See a gynecologist on a regular basis
3. Don’t douche
4. Why what underwear you wear matters
5. Kegles and why you should do them
6. How does shaving or waxing affect your vagina’s health?

Practice safe sex / See a gynecologist on a regular basis.

Practicing safe sex is important to not only your health but your partner’s health as well. By practicing safe sex you are preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancy. It’s important to talk to your partners to see where they stand before having sex. If they won’t wear a condom then I think you should walk away. It’s also important to go to the doctors for your annual check ups. Make sure you are completely healthy down there. It also doesn’t hurt to get tested on a regular basis as well. Most people don’t have symptoms or know that they are infected so its always great to be safe and double check. 

Don’t douche 

Have you heard about douching? Do you douche or know someone who does? If you don’t know what douching is that’s okay because I’m about to tell you. Douching is something some women choose to do to wash the inside of their vaginas. Basically a douche is a bag with a tube connected to it and you stick the tube up your vagina. The bag carries water in it or a water and vinegar solution and you proceed to squirt the solution up inside your vagina. Some women swear by douching, they believe it can solve many health and hygiene problems. Doctors on the other hand say that you should not douche. Douching can cause serious health problems even ones that some women claim douching will prevent. Here are a few side effects that can happen from douching.

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease
2. Bacterial vaginosis
3. Cervical cancer
4. Low birth weight / preterm birth / ectopic pregnancy
5. STDs
6. Infertility and more
You say you douche to get rid of odor but by douching you may worsen the smell because you are washing out all the good bacteria. This messes up your PH balance and makes you more susceptible to infections. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ. All you have to do is clean the external area using warm water, mild unscented soap, or products ment for vaginal cleaning. 

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Why what underwear you wear matters?
There are tons of different fabrics that underwear is made of but the best fabric for your vagina is cotton.Cotton underwear is breathable and absorbent which can help prevent yeast infections unlike other materials. Or you can choose to go commando either works to make sure your vagina can breathe.

Kegels and why you should do them

kegels are an exercise that strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Doing kegels helps keep your uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum in place.They also help you avoid having accidents and they can even improve your orgasms.

How does shaving or waxing affect your vagina’s health?

We all have pubic hair it is there for a reason. Your pubic hair acts as a force field from dirt. So don’t be embarrassed about being all natural down there. Every woman grooms themselves differently. You might prefer shaving while others prefer waxing or going all natural. But did you know shaving and waxing can leave your skin more vulnerable to infections. According to professionals the best way to groom yourself would be to trim your pubic hair with scissors instead of waxing or shaving. You can still shave or get waxed but just make sure you do it safely and carefully to minimize harm to your vagina’s health. With shaving you should follow these steps.

1. Trim first with scissors
2. Exfoliate the skin with an exfoliating sponge, wash cloth or loofah
3.Apply shaving cream (fragrance free is best).
4.Shave direction of your hair so you won’t irritate the hair follicle
5. Rinse, dry, and moisturize with fragrance free lotion.

Also, when shaving, take your time to avoid cuts. If you do get a cut clean it out with soap and water and then put Aquaphor to avoid infection. Use a new shaver every time, as well, to avoid getting ingrown hair from dull blades. Waxing is safe if done properly just like shaving. Following the after care is important as well to prevent ingrown hairs and infections. Always do your research and make sure you are caring for your self properly. And if you are already practicing safe sex that can help prevent any unwanted guest in your vagina.