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Hello im back at it again with some info about vision boards. What is a vision board you ask? Well it is a collage of pictures and words representing a person’s wishes or goals. It wasn’t until the wig coach created life herself that she realized she can create so much more. Becoming a mother showed her how much more she could really do. Then began the journey of eaf beauty where she realized vision boards can be an asset when it comes to a business or life in general.

Being able to see your goals every day can help motivate you to work harder to accomplish them. The wig coach works hard running her business, she is always on the go. She is determined to meet her goals as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and friend. She inspires women just like her to realize what they are truly capable of. I guess you can even say the wig coach is a vision board herself. She inspires, challenges, and encourages women to strive for their best life and get where they want to be. 

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Side Note: If you don’t already know tonight is the wiglicious show so be sure to come check it out. The show is every Wednesday 8 pm – 9pm EST.  

In today’s blog,we are talking about vision boards and why you should make one.
Here are 4 reasons why I think it’s important to have one.

1. Vision boards make you think about what you really want for your future.
2. They show you how you want to feel. ( happy, healthy, blessed, loved)
3.  It asks questions like what inspires you?
4. Being able to see your goals about work/ health can help motivate you to get where you want to be.

Having a vision board can even be the first step to starting your own business. Or if you have already been thinking about trying to get some extra cash I can help with that. If you become a brand ambassador today not only will you be earring money simply by referring but you can also be on the wiglicious show with the wig coach, Ms. Evoni Seigler and the rest of the brand ambassadors on the eaf beauty team. We would love it if you joined our team. Become a part of a group of women who inspire other women today.
I hope you have an amazing day. Let’s kick some ass and get some shit done! Stay awesome and I hope you tune in for tonight’s show.


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