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Hey y’all its money Monday. Let’s get down to business and start making some money. First things first how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun with the family or did you have a nice relaxing weekend in? The Wig Coach and I discovered this cute selfie museum. It was called selfie photography we got all dolled up and had an amazing time there. I definitely see us going back.

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In today’s blog, we will be talking about luxury. How do you define luxury?

Luxury Definition #1 

Being able to take my family out to eat is a luxury for me, or just being able to take them out anywhere. Money can be tight at times and we can’t always do everything, however pre covid  our area would hold free admission events for families. I’ve taken my son to two of their events and my brother to one. They had met Pikachu, Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Santa. I’m trying to remember if I even had to pay for snacks. It’s been awhile since we have been to one but I think they were handing out free popcorn and hot chocolate. I believe the only thing I did have to pay for was the bounce houses they had set up for the kids. At these events they always have booths set up with people handing out information and samples of their businesses. It’s really cool I would have to look more into it because maybe you will see an eaf beauty booth at their next event. That would be the shit, I’ll have to talk to Evoni about that. Anyways like I said being able to take my family out anywhere is a luxury.

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Luxury Definition #2

Having a big house and lots of cars is a luxury. Being able to do what you want when you want without having to worry is a luxury. I mean shit if you have the money treat your self. You worked hard to earn it its only right to have some play money after you worked your ass off! 

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