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I’ve said this time and time again budgeting is extremely important. With it being rich bitch Friday lets talk the first step to becoming rich. When it comes to money you need to be responsible. You need to get your ducks in a row first in order to have some extra cash on the side.
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In today’s blog, we will be discussing  ways to be responsible but still have a little play money on the side. Here are a few.
1. Budgeting
2. Paying bills on time
3. Deals 

Creating a budget can be helpful. It is a great tool to use to keep track of how much money you spend per month. By budgeting, you know where your money is going and how much. It can also help with creating a savings which is important for emergencies. 

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Paying bills on time

By paying your bills on time you are being responsible. You are also contributing to having that extra cash to have some fun with. How you ask? When you pay your bills on time you don’t have to worry about late fees. With budgeting you can pay your bills on time and put aside any extra cash that is left over.

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Deals are awesome, who doesn’t love a good deal? You can find deals everywhere, in the grocery store, clothing store and more. You can use coupons, keep an eye out on bogos, and check the clearance rack first. What I like to do is check out the bogos at publix and then do the rest of my grocery shopping at Walmart to try and save some money on groceries. You can also hit up a few of these stores to help save some money.

1. The dollar tree
2. Dollar generl 
3. 5 and below
4. Thrift stores

Or you can join a group on Facebook like I did. I don’t know if you have Facebook groups like this near you but here in Florida I found these buy nothing sell nothing groups. They are a group of people that live near you that posts things that they are no longer using for others to use. Its kinda like a yard sale but for free. Ever heard the saying one mans junk is another mans treasure, you can declutter your house while helping someone with something they may need. I think it’s really cool being able to come together and help each other out. If you don’t have any of these groups near you I would recommend  you starting one. I’ve received and given kids clothes and toys and its help a lot because kids grow like crazy and clothes and toys can be expensive at times. Every little bit helps and once my kids or me are done using something I can post it on that group and help out another family. It also gives you that extra play money by saving what you would have spent on clothes or other things.

And that is 3 ways to be responsible but still have a little play money on the side.  It’s been lovely talking to you as always and I hope you have an amazing weekend and I will catch y’all on Monday! Byeee!!! 

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