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Good morning everyone who’s ready for the show tonight?
I know I am! I’m looking forward to hearing some of the topics you may have suggested.
For our lace fronts and blunts segment, click here if you would like to enter a topic or ask for advice as well. All questions and topics are submitted anonymously.

Bills! You may not like them but you still have to pay them.
Here are 5 household bills every mom hates but can’t live without.
1. Homeowners Insurance
2. House Maintenance
3. Childcare
4. Utilities
5. Entertainment 

Homeowners Insurance And House Maintenance

Why would moms hate homeowners insurance and house maintenance? For one both can be really expensive. We did touch on the subject of house maintenance on Monday in 5 money expenses that shocked you when getting your own place you should check it out. Not everyone gets homeowners insurance because how expensive it can be and they would rather spend their money on things they need like clothes for the kids or groceries. Life can be hard at times but that is why I always say budgeting is so important. I would definitely recommend you to get homeowners insurance just in case because you never know what’s gonna happen. What if your house caught on fire and you didn’t have it. You would be left with just the clothes on your back and that’s not a fun position to be in and money would be really tight. If you get insurance and a fire happens then the company can help with damages and repairs. I believe having insurance is the smarter choice because then you have some help and you’re not stuck or confused on what to do next.


Why would a mom hate childcare you ask? For one leaving your babies with someone that’s not you can be hard sometimes. But we all can use some help while we are working to provide for our families. After all it takes a village to raise a child just make sure you do your research on your village. That’s one good reason why we may hate it but why can’t we live without it? Well like I said we do need to provide for our families and some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to stay home with the kids. However every parent needs a break every now and then and being able to get a sitter that you trust and do something for yourself every once in a while is something we can’t live without.



No one looks forward to getting bills. We would rather save and spend our money on things we need for the kids or the house. But you don’t really have a choice on paying your utilities. If you live on your own you’re gonna have to pay them you can’t live without them. You can’t live without water and power.

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If you are someone who doesn’t watch TV or use social media then you must be a unicorn because I honestly don’t think I would be able to survive without social media, Netflix ,or Hulu. I like to cuddle up on the couch when the kids are in bed, put on a good show and just unwind. I’m currently watching Lincon Heights. Do you have any other show recommendations? I also use social media platforms like Pinterest for work. Be sure to check my page out. I congratulate you if you don’t have a TV its one less bill you would have to worry about. I don’t know if I would say I hate paying for entertainment, but I know too much screen time could be a reason why some mamas out there may not like it but can’t live without because at the same time you know your kid will sit there and watch their shows and you can do what needs to get done whether it’s work or chores around the house. 

And that’s 5 household bills every mom hates but can’t live without. Be sure to come chat some more with the eaf beauty team on tonight’s wiglicious show at 8pm to 9 pm . 

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