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With it being money Monday lets talk some money.
When it comes to getting your own place it is always exciting
but its important to know before hand if you can even afford to move out on your own. Always make sure you start with a monthly budget to see where you are at money wise. On that note today we are talking about money expenses that shocked you when getting your own place, here are just a few.

1. The amount of attention and money of good lawn care
2. How often I should have been getting my carpets professionally cleaned and costs
3. Cost of monthly maintenance of a/c unit and costs of replacement
4. Appliance insurance and how much more costly when I didn’t have it
5. The combined amount of monthly maintenance

The Amount Of Attention And Money Of Good Lawn Care

Lawn care is very important especially when you live in a neighborhood.
Letting your lawn go will not only give snakes a place to hide
but it will also result in HOA fees and I know no one wants to deal with either of those.
Sometimes it can be hard getting to your lawn after work, kids, and other errands,
to help reduce stress I would recommend getting a good lawn service. Your lawn needs
to be cared for just like any other part of your house and most lawn care services typically
range around $48 to $211 but the average cost is $129. Lawn maintenance can also
fluctuate depending on what you need done and yard size. For example if you need
your bushes/trees trimmed, mulching done, or weed control pricing can go up.
But not to worry because some lawn services offer coupons and discounts
if you sign a contract with them for regular maintenance.

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How Often I Should Have Been Getting My Carpets Professionally Cleaned And Cost

So I have been living in my house for 3 years and 8 months and let me tell you I
have only cleaned my carpets once and this was right before I had my daughter.
I currently live in a 3 bed room with carpets in all rooms and in the living room
and normally it would be okay because you should be cleaning your carpets every
two years and high traffic areas every 12 to 18 months.

Its a whole different story for me because I have 2 kids and 2 big dogs.
If you are like me and have both then it is recommended that you clean your carpets every 2 to 3 months which you already know I don’t. I do need to get them cleaned again though but to be honest I’m over having carpets but it will be a bit until I can switch over to hardwood. Now if you just have kids it is recommended to clean high traffic areas every 6 to 12 months and your entire carpet once annually. If you just have pets its recommended to clean high trafficked areas every 3 to 6 months and your whole carpet twice a year. With that being said getting your carpets cleaned will cost approximately $123 to $250 but it also depends on what type of carpet you have and how many rooms you want done. You can even rent a carpet cleaner for a day or so and it will cost less if you do it yourself.

Cost Of Monthly Maintenance Of A/C Unit And Costs Of Replacement

A/C units will last 15 to 25 years if properly maintained and its recommended that you have your unit serviced once a year. Here’s a few things to do to keep your unit properly maintained.
1. Replace the filter every 90 days
2. Keep the area around your unit clear and clean of sticks and leaves
3. Check and clean your condenser fan blades
4. Lubricate the condenser fan motor
5. Keep unit safe by covering it up with a cover during the winter 
6. Clean indoor evaporator coil, drain pipe, and evaporator trap
7. Seal leaks in the ductwork
8. Make sure your thermostat is working
Its important to keep up with the maintenance because if you don’t you will have to replace your unit and replacing a unit can cost approximately $4820 to $12,350.

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Appliance Insurance And How Much More Costly When I Didn’t Have It

I would strongly recommend getting warranty’s on your appliances. Why should I get a warranty you ask? Well let me tell you why….. A warranty guarantees that your appliance will work for a certain period of time and if for some reason your appliance stops working before the warranty is up then The company will repair or replace the appliance. Now if you don’t get the warranty on your appliances and it stops working it will cost more in the end to have someone come out and repair it for you or you would have to buy a new one all over. Save yourself some money and some trouble and get yourself that warranty!

The Combined Amount Of Monthly Maintenance
As you may already know a house is a lot of work, there’s no denning that. You will need to put house maintenance in your budget plan if you haven’t already because “the average monthly cost for maintenance is around $1,200 but that also depends on the size and location of your house.” So like I said before be sure you are absolutely ready to leave the nest and be able to survive on your own and do some research so you wont be surprised about some expenses when living on your own. With That Being said it was great talking to yall! Goodnight and I will talk to you later.

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