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Hey Y’all Its Friday We Made It Through The First Week Of School. Yaaaay! Let’s give a round of applause for every parent who got up at the crack of dawn to get their children ready and out the door. I’m Still Currently Trying To Adjust To Getting Up Early But I Made It Through The Week.                                                                               

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Why is Hair Care So Important? Well, just like any part of your body you need to take care of it, practicing good hygiene when it comes to your hair is extremely important.

If You Have Noticed That Your Hair May Be Dry Or Brittle You Might Want To Talk To Your Doctor
Because Damaged Hair Can Be A Sign Of A Vitamin And Nutrition Deficiency. So in conclusion, Healthy Hair Gives You A Healthy Scalp, Healthy Body, and Confidence.  And With That Being Said Today We Are Talking About 5 Affordable Things You Need For Your Hair.

1. Coil Hair Bands/ Satin Scrunchies
2. Curling Rods
3. Heat Protective Spray
4. Silicone Shampoo Brush
5. Bonnet

Coil Hair Bands/ Satin Scrunchies
If you don’t own any coil or satin hair Ties, then you need to stop what you’re doing and order some now!  Reason Being Is That Coil Hair Ties Will Not Damage, Pull, Or Crease Your Hair Like A Normal Hair Ties . Satin Scrunchies Are Awesome As Well Because Satin Acts as a Barrier Against Moisture Absorbing Fabrics Which Helps Prevent Split Ends And Dry Hair. You Can Order Them On Amazon Now And Get A Pack Of 20 Coil Hair Ties For $6.99 And A Pack Of 60 Satin/Silk Scrunchies For $11.99. I think that Is a Pretty Good Deal For How Much You Are Getting. Do You Think It’s A Good Deal?

Curling Rods
Do You Every Get Tired Curling Your Hair In The Mornings? Don’t you just wish you could wake up with Amazing Curls? Well Now You Can If You Purchase Some Curling Rods. They are super easy to use, affordable, and better. Then a curling iron, because too much heat can damage your hair.

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Heat Protective Spray
We All Use Hair Tools To Blow Dry, Straighten, Crimp, Or Curl Our Hair And Adding All That Heat  Can Make Your Hair Frizzy, Dry, And Damaged So It Is Important To Have A Heat Protective Product On Hand. I’m Telling You From Experience That It Is Important. For years, I didn’t use a Heat Protective Spray And It Showed. My hair was screaming for some love. It wasn’t until recently that I started really caring for my hair, making sure I use a heat protection spray to reduce heat damage, adding in a hair mask and more. If Your Currently Looking For Ways To Care Or Grow Your Hair You Should Definitely Check Out My Pinterest Page. You can find me @Eafbeauty, LLC, check out my board on hair care and let me know what you think. Or if you have some hair care advice or tips, I would love to hear them as well.

Silicone Shampoo Brush
A Silicone Shampoo Brush Is No Ordinary Brush, It Is Specifically Made For Scalp Care. The Silicone Brushes Are Amazing Because They Won’t Scar Or Scratch Your Scalp While You Are Massaging To Promote Blood Circulation. Owning one of these brushes can help with exfoliating, cleaning your scale, and Promoting Hair Growth. Defiantly A Good Buy In My Book. 

I think every woman out there should own a Bonnet, and I’m Gunna tell you why. When You Lay Your Head Down To Sleep At Night Your Cotton Pillows And Sheets Are Absorbing Moisture From Your Hair Which Leads To It Being Dry And Damaged And Full Of Split Ends. Buying a Bonnet can help protect and prevent damage to your hair.

And That Is 5 Affordable Things For Your Hair. I enjoyed Talking  To You As Always And Be Sure To Check Out The Brand Ambassador Program Where You Can Become a Brand Ambassador Just Like Me and Start Earning Your Own Money Today. Have a great Rich Bitch Friday and Enjoy Your Weekend! 

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