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Do You Ever Feel Like Your Thoughts Are Just Going Around And Around In Your Head? What Do You Do To Organize And Declutter Your Thoughts? Welcome to organization Wednesday. Comment On how you know your finances are  stressing you out.  For me personally when I know when I’m financially stressed I do not want to go anywhere. I stay in the house moping around looking at items and activities I cant afford. There are a few life events that may cause unforeseen stress. 

 1. Change In Spending Habits 
 2. Health Goes Down The Toilet
 3.Recent Life Event That Has Reduced Your Income

Change In Spending Habits 

Sometimes A Change In Spending Can Be Unnoticeable At First Or To The Extreme And Money Legit Fades In Your Hands. From Personal Experience I Was A Extreme Case, Once Money Would Get Put In My Hands You Could Almost Bet That It Would Be Spent In Minutes.  Yes Minutes, With Online Shopping It Made It Too Easy To Buy Now. 

After Spending Years On Someone’s Couch And Continued Sessions I’ve Realized That Identifying Changes In My Spending Habits Is Key. Some Of The Things I Do Is: Therapy, Checking Account Regularly, And Setting Spending Limits. I Do A lot More But Our Blog Would Be Stupid Long If I Listed Everything And I’m Not Tring To Bore You.

Health Going Down The Toilet
Financial Stress Can Take A Toll On Your Health And That Is Why Its Important To Recognize The Signs Of Stress So You Can Take The Proper Steps To Care For Yourself Mentality And Physically. If You Are Suffering From Depression, Sleeping Problems, Migraines,  And Or Having Mixed Emotions Of Anger And Anxiety About Money Then You Might Be Suffering From Financial Stress. We All Go Threw Some Trouble Times In Our Lives But Its Important That When You Are Struggling You Take The Time To Take Care Of Yourself. I Personally Plan On Starting To Walk Every Morning And Jam Out To My Music To Declutter My Mind. What Are Some Ways You Plan On Practicing Self Love In Order To Reduce Stress? I Sure Hope You Consider Joining Some Amazing Women Every Wednesday On The Wiglicious Show 8Pm-9Pm EST To Talk Out Some Of That Stress And Get Some Much Needed Girl Time. You Can Now Even Submit Topics Anonymously That You Would Like To Discuss For Our Lace Fronts And Blunts Segment Click Here To Submit Your Question Now. 
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Recent Life Event That Has Reduce Your Income
There Comes A Time In Every Persons Life When A  Love One Passes, Or You Are Going Or Know Someone Who May Be Going Threw A Divorce, Or Have Someone Who Is Currently Sick And May Even Be In The Hospital. When We Come Across These Life Events It Can Leave Us Feeling Down And Stressed About How You Will Come Up With The Money For The Next Hospital Bill, Lawyer ,Or Burial Site For A Love One And That’s Where Budgeting Comes In. Being Able To Budget Will Not Only Help Your Financial Troubles But It Will Also Help Your Health.

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With That Being Said Do You Stress About Finances? How Do You Cope With It? Come Talk To Me About It Tonight On The Wiglicious Show.

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