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 I’m Taking Back The Controls That You Stole From Me                                             

  I’m Taking Them Back And Your Gunna Be Shocked Because I Am Not The Person You Thought.

I’m Not Someone You Can Control Anymore                                                             

  I’m Not Someone You Can Manipulate                                                                       

 I’m Not Someone You Can Tell To Be Who You Want Me To Be                                   

 I Am Not Your Barbie

You Are An Adult Let’s Not Play Pretend                                                                     

 I’m Tired Of This Bullshit I Was A Friend                                                                   

Until I Saw The Truth And Then That Was The End.

I’m Still Learning How To Manage My Controls And That’s Okay                               

But I’m One Step Closer To Pushing That Full Bitch Mode Button And Tell You How I Truly Feel Because If You Think You Can Walk All Over Me You’ll Be In For A Rude Awakening.

And Let Me Just Say This No Disrespect Live Your Life To The Fullest Just Don’t Try To Live Or Control Mine!

And Then…. We Will Be Just Fine…..                                       

Or So I Hope Because I Don’t Need Anymore Negative Vibes In My Life.

Like I Said Before I Am Not Your Barbie                                                                       

You Can Not Control Me                                                                                             

This Is Not Pretend                                                                                                     

This Is My Life And I Say This Is The End!

Never Let Someone Take Away Your Power! I Hope To See All Of Your Fabulous Smiles Tonight! Stay Awesome And Stay In Control! Byeeee!