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Good Morning!! How Are You Doing This Morning? Join me during my car ride to Sally’s.

 I woke up feeling inspired this morning. I hoped out of bed feeling great, and feeling like it’s a great day to get  Shit Done!

Today’s Live, I discuss How I’m Learning New Tips And Tricks From Some Of The Wig Makers I Follow And how they have inspired me to try something new. I also talk about how Beauty Schools need to expand their teaching of  How To Do Different Texture Hair And Why It’s Important For Stylists To Know How To Do All Types Of Textures.

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I hope to see you guys tonight on the Wiglicious Show. It Will Be Poppin Like Always, Come Be A part of The Conversation At  8pm-9pm EST. Talk to Y’all Later Byee!!! Join our brand ambassador program.


From Bundle Babe To Wig Boss