Good Morning Lets Talk About How You Start Your Mornings, What Do You Do To Decompress? Do You Sit And Have A Cup Of Coffee, Go Running, Or Jam Out To Music? What Do You Do To Guaranty Your Peace For Your Whole Day? The Way You Start Your Morning Determines Your Mood For The Rest Of The Day And That Is Why It Is Really Important To Listen To Your Body And Figure Out What It Needs. Take The Time To Clear Your Mind And Relax Before You Get Down To Business It Will Really Make A Huge Difference. Your Body Is Your Temple, It Is Beautiful In Every Way. Love Your Body And Your Imperfections Because You Are Gorgeous! Your Mind, Body, And Soul Sparkle So Bright! Don’t Dim Your Light Because You Might Have A Skin Condition, Don’t Dim It If You Have Scars Or Burns. Don’t Dim It For Anything Or Anyone Because Your Body Is Beautiful The Way It Is. Your Body Tells A Story And I Cant Seem To Put The Book Down Because Its Just To BEAUTIFUL.