Good Morning Everyone Its Wiglicious Wednesday Today! Who Is Ready For Tonight’s Show, I Know I Am! In Todays Live We Are Just Chit Chatting About How Much I Love Food. If You Cant tell I’m A Little High LOL And I Just Wanted To Talk About Food And How Good It Is. Receiving A Plate Of Food  Is A Gift, It Shows How Much You Are Loved, It Shows The Culture, It Shows Happiness. Food Is A Party In My Mouth And I Can Feel The Parade Dancing Down My Throat. Growing Up I Was Taught Not To Say No To A Plate Of Food Because It Is A Sign Of Disrespect Even If I Wasn’t Hungry I Was Told Just To Take A Few Bites, You See When My Grandmother Would Hand Me A Plate Of Food It Was Her Way Of Saying I Love You. She Would Put Her Blood, Sweat, And Tears In Each Dish To Show How Much She Cares And If I Didn’t Take The Plate It Would Be Like I Didn’t Except Her Love Or I Didn’t Love Her Back Which Isn’t True I Love That Woman. I Don’t Know If Its Just In The Mexican Culture Or In Others As Well Let Me Know If You Guys Were Taught The Same. Love Y’all I Hope To See You Tonight On The Wiglicious Show At 8Pm-9Pm EST. Byeeee!