Good Morning! Its Rethink Tuesday Again And In Todays Live We Are Talking About Saving Relationships And Friendships. With Any Relationship We All Need That Connection, You Know What I’m Talking About, The One You Feel In Your Bones That screams I Fuck With You. That Instant Clash Of Our Energies Is What I’m Looking For, Communication Is What I’m Looking For. Being Emotionless And Not Having That Connection Can Leave You All Alone In This World And No One Wants To Be Alone. Speaking Of Loneliness I Also Wanted To Talk To Y’all About Memes. There’s Difference Between Social Media And Real Life, The Memes You See Are Not Your Future, If You Are Ever In Your Feels Don’t Run To Social Media Because All Your Gunna See Are Memes That Say Its Okay To Be Solo And Move On With Your Life. Don’t Use Social Media To Validate Your Feelings, We Need To Use The Tools That The Real World Gives Us And That Is Rethinking About A Situation And Communication. The Connection Between Two People Is So Beautiful And So Special, To Special To Just Ghost Someone Without Really Thinking About It. Now I Understand If You Ghost Someone Because They Are Toxic And Don’t Respect Your Self Love And Growing Journey But If You Ghost Someone Over Something Stupid And Small Your Also Ghosting That Special Connection You Have With Them Which Is Also Apart Of you. I Understand You Might Be Upset But If You Ghost Them Your Loosing A Piece Of You Too. Your Loosing That Love, That Bond, And Their Friendship, Situations Like This Really Need To Be Thought About And Talked Out With That Person. Communication Is A Very Important Role In Your Growing Journey, There Is No Need To Loose Something So Amazing, After all Who Wants To Be Alone? Really Think About Things This Rethink Tuesday And Use Your Communication Skills To Make Your Thoughts Known! Also Take The Time To Talk With Yourself And Learn What You Need From You. Keep Shining Bright My Queens! Stay Positive And Love Yourself! Talk To Y’all Later Byeee!