Good Morning! Its Another Money Monday And I’m Coming At Y’all From My Garage On This Beautiful Day! In Todays Live We Are Talking About How I View Everyone As A Book, We All Have A Story To Tell, So Lets Open My Book And Flip A Few Pages In. The First Few Chapters Of My Life Consist Of Me Wanting To Know Everybody’s Tea And Because Of  The Way I Was Feeling I Would Spill The Tea To Someone Else And Let Me Tell Y’all It Is So Easy To Judge A Book By Its Cover But Later Karma Returned The Favor. A Few More Pages In I Learned I Cant Judge Anybody! I Learned To Keep Peoples Names Out Of My Mouth Because There Is More Than One Side To A Story, I Learned That I no Longer Want That Energy Around Me, And I Learned That I Like To Talk Shit But I Don’t Like To Talk Shit About Other People If That Makes Sense. One Day I Woke Up And I Couldn’t Open My Book, I Was To Ashamed  Of Who I Was But Now That I’m Older I Can Finally See How The Exchange Of Energy’s Happen. We Are What We Attract And Now That I Am Aware Of This I Am A lot More Cautious With What I write In My Book. Every Day I Write A Little More, I Sit Down And Turn To An Empty Page And Press My Pen To The Paper And As I Write I Forgive Myself A Little More. I’m No Longer In The First Chapters Of My Life, I Am Growing And With Growth Comes Apologies. With That Being Said I Am So Sorry To The Victims Of My Growth I Am Still Learning We All Are. No One Is Perfect We All Learn From What We See, What We Hear, And What We Experience And What I’ve Learned Is That I No Longer Want The Hurt And The Loneliness To Be Apart Of My Story. I Want Love, Strength, And Positivity! I’m Starting My New Chapter Today And You Should Too…………. CHAPTER 30: A Flower Doesn’t Bloom In A Day! Keep Writing Your Stories, Keep Telling Your Truth, Forgive Your Past Self, And Keep Growing! Stay Awesome My Queens I’ll Talk To Y’all Tomorrow! Peace!