05/21/21 Good Morning!!!! Happy Friday!!!! How Is Everyone Doing??? Let Me Know! Lets Start This Fantastic Friday With A Little Chit Chat About How Actions Speak Louder Then Words, Lets Get Into It. When Someone Shows You Who They Are Believe Them! I Cant Say This Enough, Don’t Let Someone Manipulate You By Saying Your Going By My Actions But I’m Telling You Something Different. WHAT??? Your Word Is Your Word And Your Actions Shows If Your Telling The Truth, So Why Would I Believe Your Word If Your Actions Are Showing Something Different. Never Accept Disrespect From Anyone Love Yourself Enough To Shut That Shit Down Because Each And Everyone Of You Out There Is Worthy Of Respect And Trust. I’m Tired Of Wasting My Time On People Who Are Not Worthy Of Me, I Am Not Your Door Mat, I Am A Damn Queen And If You Cant Handel That Walk Out Of My Life Or Communicate With Me So We Can Fix Things. I Even Need To Remind Myself  At Times To Choose My Actions Very Carefully Always Take A Second To Really Think About What Your Going To Do. Stay Positive And Know Your Worth Ladies! Love Y’all Talk To You Later!