Good Morning Good Morning In Todays Live We Are Talking About Communication And Before We Get Into It I Want To Apologize About Not Doing The Wiglicious Show Yesterday. I Ended Up Being Really Busy. Lets Start Our Amazing Day And Chat Away About COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION…. You Cant Get Anywhere Without It And With That Being Said I’m Gunna Use My Communication Skills To Tell Y’all A Little Something…. If I Sense Something Is up I Will Talk It Threw With My Friends Or Situation Ships. I Am A Grown Ass Women And I Will Communicate The Fuck Out Of You! I Will Not Tolerate Disrespect From Anyone And You Shouldn’t Too. If You Cant Give The Same Energy As I Give You Then There Is Nothing Left To Do Then To Drop You. I Will Not Let You Disrupt Me While I’m On My Self Love Journey. I’m Sure If I Bounced Back The Energy You Were Sending Me You Would Feel Some Type Of Way. Lets Work Threw This Together With A Little Communication! I AM IMPORTANT AND SO ARE YOU! DONT WASTE YOUR ENERGY ON PEOPLE WHO DONT RESPECT YOU!!! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!