I’ve Been In A Battle With Younger Evoni And The Evoni That I Am Today And Each Day I Grow A Little Wiser And Things Become A Bit More Clearer And I Become Stronger. In Todays Live I Get Into The Topic Of Rejection, And I Know I Touched On This Topic Yesterday But With The Help Of Some Of You I Realized I Have RSD Which Is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.  If You Haven’t Seen My Post On Rejection Why Don’t You Go Check It Out On Facebook And Tell Me What You Think About It. I Also Talk About How I Felt When I Was Younger And How Rejection Surrounded Me And How It Made Me Feel And How I Feel About It Today. I Feel Emotional This Morning I’ve Definitely Have Been Rethinking On A Few Things This Rethink Tuesday And I’m Really Considering Going Back To Therapy To Help Work Threw Some Trauma From My Past.  Its Hard To Admit To Certain Things But Once You Start Talking And Telling Your Truth You Really See What Has Been There All Along, Things That You Didn’t Even Know Were There. I’m Finally Coming Into My Super Power Now That I’m Older My Mind Is Finally Opening Up And Healing And I’m Not Quite Ready To Get Into Everything With Y’all But I Know When I Am Able To Ill Finally Be Able To Set Myself Free From The Pain Of My Past And The Pain It Caused My Relationships In The Present All While Continuing To Forgive And Love Myself. Don’t Forget To Love And Take Care Of Yourselves And Seek Help If Needed, Tap Into Your Super Power. Love Y’all Talk To You Later.
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