Good Morning My Queens Its Another Crazy Morning Trying To Get The Kids To School. In Todays Live I’m Discussing How I Have High Expectations Of My Children Because They Are Smart. I’m Teaching My Children Selfcare And Responsibility And Let Me Tell You They Wanted To Test Me This Morning, Acting Like They Don’t Know There Morning Routine. I Try My Best To Teach My Children That You Set The Standard And That You Should Always Prioritize Your Selfcare. I’m Teaching My Children While There Young To Take The Reasonability In Taking Care Of There self So That When Their Older They Already Know How To Take Care Of  Themselves And Love Themselves. I Also Discuses How I Took The Time To Love Myself And Go To Bed Early Because I’ve Been Working So Hard Lately And Let Me Tell You I Woke Up This Morning Feeling Great. I’m Ready To Start The Day I Feel Refreshed So, Lets Talk Some Girl Talk This Morning. I Get Into It With An Ex Because I Asked How Big Is He. He Didn’t Answer, So I Replied Okay And I Moved On. Then He Kept Blowing Me Up The Next Day And He Says I’m Childish And Then Proceeded To Ask How Tight Am I????? But If I’m Childish And You Said To Delete My Number Which I Was Cool About Because Honestly Y’all I Didn’t Care Lol…. What Does That Make You? I Was Just Having A Conversation With My Girl About The Biggest Dicks That We Had. He Kept At It To See How It Would Benefit Him, He Was Really Trying To Be Deep And He’s Not Deep. It Was Just So Extra You Could Of Just Answered Or Just Ignored Me. Answer Don’t Answer I Just Wanted To Move On. On That Note I’m Gunna Head Out Bye!