Hello My Queens Happy Organization Wednesday! In Todays Live I’m Talking About How I Can Finally See Things Clearly, I Just Want To Say That I Appreciate My Mother More And More Now That I’m Older Because I Can Finally See How Hard She Really  Went For Me. You See When I Was Younger I Was  Blind I Didn’t See All The Things That I Was Capable Of Doing  Because I Was So Focused On The Things I Couldn’t Do. I Couldn’t Hang Out With Friends, I Didn’t Go Out Anywhere, And I Wore Clothes That Were Two Sizes Bigger. I Held Grudges And I Didn’t Just Hurt My Mother But I Hurt Myself Too Because I Couldn’t See The Way She Saw Things. Now That I’m A Mother I Can See How Much She Really Did For Me And That She Did The Best She Could, Shoot I Didn’t Know What Struggle Was Because Of My Mother. She Fed Me, She Clothed Me, And She Chose To Love Me. It Wasn’t Until I Became An Adult That I Learned What Struggle Was When My Lights Got Shut Off And I never Wanted To Struggle Again. I lived In Fear Up Until Recently Because I Made My Million, I Don’t Need To Be Scared Again And I’m Here To Help Others Like Me Open New Doors Without Worrying Anymore. Get Your Self A Boss, Learn To Focus On The Things You Can Do Not The Things You Cant! Believe In Yourself!