GOOD MORNING!!!!!! In Todays Live We Talk About Brains And Why Its Important For You To Use Your Brain!

Your Brain Is A Powerful Thing, Being Able To Use Your Brain And Make Your Own Decisions Is Something A lot Of These Kids Need Out Here. Being Able To Think INDEPENTLY is A tool That Our Children Need, So That They Grow Up Knowing Any Decisions That They Make Have Consequences And Knowing How To Deal With Those Consequences Is Better Then Being Left In The Dark Or Being Run Over By Someone else. I Will NOT Take My Children’s Power Away! And All You Out There Should Never Let Someone Take Your Power Away.

Growing Up I Didn’t Think For Myself, I Didn’t Talk For Myself, And I Didn’t Make Plans For Myself And I Didn’t Know I Was Doing These Things Until I Really Sat There And Thought About It And That’s Why Its Really Important To Take Time To Sit And Think About What YOU Want And Make Sure Your Making The Best Decisions For YOU!

 As A Mother Who Grew Her Children’s Brains Inside Her For Nine Months I Refuse To Take That Tool From Them. Shit Its Hard Growing People,  Pregnancy Is Not Easy Let Me Tell You That. My Children Better Use Them Brains And Take Responsibility For There Stuff! Mama Worked Hard On Making Them!

That’s All I Have To Say This Morning Talk To Y’all Later!