Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! All My Moms Out There Do You Ever Wake Up And Be Like Okay Today Is Gunna Be Great Were Gunna Make It To School In Time To Drop Off The Kids And Then Your Kids Do Something And Your Like I Guess I Was Wrong….. So Much For Not Being Late Lol.  I’m Living That Mom Life But Its Cool That Were A Little Late. After all Don’t They Say Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day! My Kids Already Know LOL They Said I’m Hungry You Can Wait…… Anyways Its WIGLICIOUS WEDNEDAY!!!!!!!!! Join Me And Come Be Apart Of The Conversation Or Just Come Watch And Chill With Us While We Discuss Important Topics.

In Todays Live I Also Talk About My Lace And How You Can Clean Yours Without Removing It From Your Head. There’s A Way You Can Clean It Without Hurting Your Edges Or Your Natural Hair. A Video Will Be Coming Soon To Show How. I Also Talk About My Process On Coloring Wigs And How I Might Possibly Bring Back The Service Of Coloring Bundles, Frontals, And Closures. What Do You Guys Think Should I Bring That Back? Let Me Know My Queens!!!!  Also I Talk About Feeling Good This Summer And How I Want To Prepare For It Because A Girl Wants To Feel Sexy! I’m Considering Being Lasered, Have Any Of Y’all Been Lasered? I Wanna Wear My 2 Piece And Look And Feel Amazing.

Look Out Florida Its About To Be A Hot Girl Summer!

Anyways Y’all I Hope You Have A Wonderful Wiglicious Wednesday I Hope To See Your Beautiful Faces Later On The Show. Love Y’all!